At Coastline Driving School we want to know what you thought of your experience with us

Your Experience Matters

Taking lessons and getting your licence is a milestone moment and we want to share your journey with as many people as we can.

Feel free to drop us a line and we will post your story and maybe even a happy P plate photo!

Declyn K. 16

“We made the choice to use Coastline Driving School for my lessons. I already had 70 hours in my logbook but after 1 hour with Bill I felt like I had a better understanding of what is required to drive and what to expect in my driving test.

Bill made the whole experience stress free and gave me confidence. We decided to get the 10-lesson package to get me to 120 hours as it also saves us $20 per lesson.”

Ean L. 27

“Bill went the extra mile for me, giving me urgent lessons when I needed it most! He impressed us with how friendly, patient, caring and professional he was, and even took a tailored approach to coaching me to fix my specific issues. This resulted in me getting my red P on my very first test with Bill! after numerous previous unsuccessful attempts! 10/10,”

Jake B. 16

“Jake went for his P’s yesterday and got them – thanks Bill for the great instruction. Taking the ‘package’ on the day of the test was also worthwhile as Jake got to do a lesson before the test which put his nerves at ease. Highly recommend Bill as an instructor and will be sending my middle son his way in 18 months when he get’s his learners!”