Frequently Asked Questions

Any questions? Let’s clear everything up

You can use any of the above if the vehicle is registered, comprehensively insured and roadworthy.

It is often a good idea to become familiar especially if you intend to be tested in this vehicle.

There is no cost variance in having lessons in this vehicle

Book direct with Service NSW, there will however be no guarantee your Instructor will be available at that time. Please contact Coastline if you are unsure of how to proceed.

This depends on the individual. Every student has different abilities and may learn at a different pace. We will be able to get a gauge on your ability after your first lesson and we can set a plan in place to get you qualified within the plan.

A standard lesson is $70, if you book lesson packages this will reduce the per lesson cost down to $65 for a 5-lesson package or $60 for a 10 or more lesson package.

This is up to you, what type of car will you be driving once qualified? Be mindful that if you pass your test in an automatic you cannot drive manual until you get a P2 licence or you sit another practical test to remove the Automatic restriction.

We can do a lesson between 7am and 6pm Monday – Friday and 9am – 1pm Saturday if required. It is a good idea to vary your lesson time if possible, to experience the different conditions you will experience when licenced.

You will need to have your licence with you for each lesson that involves driving on our roads. If you forget your licence but still want to proceed, we can facilitate a theory or technique lesson in a stationary vehicle.

Coastline provide 5-star ANCAP rated vehicles, serviced and maintained regularly and are in excellent condition. Our cars are comprehensively insured.

Coastline Driving School currently use the Hyundai Kona, a small SUV that is fun to drive and is the current Drive small SUV car of the Year for 2020.

You are eligible to sit your test at 17 years of age and have held your learners permit for 12 months.

Coastline will work with you from start to finish in your journey to getting your Provisional Licence. We will ensure you are confident and skilled to drive safely on our roads. Coastline prides itself on you achieving your goal first time and we will ensure we make your learning experience a positive one.